About the Queens Park Photo Festival

The Queens Park Photo Festival (QPPF) has been set up by local parent and photographer Mark Tamer.

The aim is to foster local pride in the diverse, dynamic and thriving community of Queens Park and the surrounding areas by offering support, encouragement and resources to young people within our community. 

Photography is a brilliant tool to enable creative self expression in young people and a way to learn and explore new skills. With this in mind the QPPF will offer:

• Workshops on photography for local children

• A photographic competition for those under the age of 18 with a number of categories to enter

• An exhibition in Queens Park as part of the Open Studios and Gardens event in June followed by a number of shop window displays of photographs, primarily along Salusbury Road, Chamberlaynd Road

• Free portrait sessions of local people as part of the Queens Park Portrait Photography Project

• An exhibition of photographs from local (adult) photographers responding to the theme Around A Mile - all images must be taken within a one mile radius of the Queens Park bandstand.

• To increase local participation for all areas of the community with particular emphasis on young people

• To use photography to find out how our neighbours view themselves and the local area

• To encourage more of a community feel amongst residents

• To promote confidence building in young people by facilitating the learning of new skills ( camera technique, project initiation etc) and providing a space for their own creativity to be recognised. This will also help develop their interest, understanding and enthusiasm for photography

• To have fun!

The Future
Will explore the possibility of producing a book of the images and selling this locally. It is hoped that this initial project can go on to form the template for future events both locally and in communities further afield.