Personal information

How we use your personal information
When you create an account we ask for you to supply the following personal information:

Email address: So we can contact you if you are a finalist

First name & surname: So we know who you are in case there are any problems and to identify duplicate accounts

Postcode: So we can check you live in the area and are eligible.

Age: This allows the system to work out which age category you can enter.

Parents e-mail address (under 16s only): By law we are required to get your parent's/ guardian's consent for you to enter this competition. We will send your parent/ legal guardian an email with an activation link which they will need to click to activate your account and confirm that they accept the rules of the competition. You will then be able to access your competition account and upload your entries.

We only keep your data for one year then it is all permanently deleted.
We do not pass any of these details on to anyone else unless you are a finalist (see below)
The data is stored on a secure server.
We will not use your data for marketing purposes

Any entrant who is confirmed as a finalist may have their name and age featured in press releases promoting the Queens Park Photo Festival and Competition which then could be used on the internet or newspapers. No address, email address or age data will be disclosed to any other parties without contacting you first (if you are over 16) or your parent/guardian (if aged 16 or under).